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The Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! campaign was started in October 08. It's the nationwide campaign to lessen the number of fatalities and injuries brought on by Carbon Monoxide.


Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! is financed as well as delivered by the Energy Retail Association on behalf of the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) and supported by over 40 other organisations.


Why do we need this type of campaign?


Far too many individuals in the united kingdom pass away or end up seriously sick from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. These kinds of incidents might be prevented if there was greater understanding of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and if everyone had fuel burning appliances serviced yearly and fitted an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm system within their house.


Research carried out for the campaign in September 08 found that some 20 million families in the uk are putting themselves at risk because they do not have an alarm or do not have appliances serviced often enough.


Important conclusions from the study:


- About 20 million homes or 47 million individuals lack an alarm system or do not have appliances serviced enough


- Almost 1 individual in 30 interviewed thought they had experienced Carbon Monoxide poisoning


- Only 6% of individuals are very convinced they would recognise the signs of poisoning


- Younger people and also the aging population are especially at risk


Exactly what needs to be done?


In addition to raising awareness of the risks of Carbon Monoxide as well as the safety measures people ought to take, this campaign is seeking support for 2 legislative changes which will make a major difference.


- To be able to receive a gas safety certificate, landlords should have to provide renters with a Carbon Monoxide alarm.


This is a simple mechanism to ensure that many of the most vulnerable members of society are offered the protection of a Carbon Monoxide alarm system. The current legal requirement for a gas safety certificate indicates that an appropriately qualified and registered installer determines the safety of gas appliances. This will call for a change to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 so that, in order for a gas safety certificate to get issued, landlords are required to provide an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm system.


- Each new house needs to be equipped with a wired-in Carbon Monoxide alarm system.


To mirror the current requirement for a wired-in smoke alarm to be fitted in all new-build homes, Building Regulations need to be changed to require an audible wired-in Carbon Monoxide alarm system to be installed. It is a simple measure that'll add no significant expense to homebuilders if the Carbon Monoxide alarm system is installed together with the smoke alarm.


For additional information on the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) be sure to click here.


For additional info on the "Carbon Monoxide - Be Alarmed!" campaign please take a look at the website.