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Plumber E14 have created a list of faqs. Our gas plumbing engineers tend to be asked similar questions while performing installations as well as upkeep checks. Please consult our FAQ’s and when anything you would like answering isn’t listed, feel free to contact us so that we might assist you with your enquiries.

Are Your Prices Affordable?

Yes they are. We pride ourselves on providing the very best value for money service in the entire E14 area – and you can depend on us to deliver an inexpensive, professional and expert service.

What Areas Do you Deal with?

In An urgent situation, When Can I Call?

At any time of the day or night. That’s why our company provides a 24/7 call-out service. This means that we can help you, when you really need it the most, regardless of the time or day each week.

Just how long Will You Take To Show up?

In a crisis situation, our company aims to be with you as quickly as possible. We locate the nearest heating engineer to your location and dispatch him to your home.

Precisely how Do I Pay You?

We make that aspect as simple as possible. You’ll be able to pay us by cash on completion, on receipt of your bill or via credit or debit card.

Are Your Heating Engineers Fully Trained?

Without a doubt. All Plumber E14 engineers are fully trained, very experienced and Gas Safety registered.

How Long Are you going to Take To Install My Boiler/Central Heating?

That will depend. Different boilers need different installation techniques. Additionally your house might require more installation time due to its size or design and layout. What we can guarantee you is this: we’ll install your home appliances as efficiently and time oriented as is safely possible. We truly your time – but we also value your well being.

How can i Know Your Engineers Are Gas Safe Registered?

All of our heating engineers carry Gas Safe ID cards. You’ll be offered their ID on their arrival at your home and you ought to take some time to check that all information is current as well as right.

Exactly how Much Do you Charge For A Quote?

We do not. All our quotations are give on a free, no obligation basis.

Do My Home appliances Require Servicing Regularly?

We always advise that domestic gas appliances are serviced regularly. For more information, please read our servicing page or call us to learn more.

Is The Installation Of A New Boiler And/Or Central Heating Disruptive And Messy?

While we can’t say that installing a brand new central heating system will not result in some trouble, we endeavour to maintain all disruption and clutter to the absolute minimum. Our company respects your home and will work with you in order to lessen the effect of our service.

We welcome all of your enquiries and whatever you might need resolving, we’re always willing to help. Give us a call with your queries, for a no obligation estimate or simply to discuss a gas appliance issue that we might be able to take care of. Plumber E14 guarantees to fulfill all of your needs – whatever they might be.

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